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Roger Heesakkers 31 years

In Netherlands, WBPF World Champion 2016

Hair loss and getting bald at a young age was really a big problem for me. So, I have made the decision to go to Dr. Behruz Uysal at Regene Medical in Istanbul for a hair transplant. Probably the best decision I have made until now. The Hospital was like a 5" hotel and so is the staff working there. Dr. Uysal is fluent in English and explained to me the whole procedure. After we had established the hairline the transplant starts. Dr. Uysal and his staff are very professional, the best at their game... now 6 months later I am already very pleased with the results and can't wait to see what the end result will look like at 12 months.

Bornica lwan 13 years old

In Ukraine

I have had this huge burn since the accident that took place in our house when l was one, and although everyone around me is nice but I could still see people staring which made me uncomfortable.

I was thrilled to know that hair transplant would work for my case, was nervous about the surgery but everything went well. The surgeon explained that the donor area was only enough to implant the front part of my scalp which hopefully will give me a full hair line look and I can't wait to cover the rest of my head next session next year. Now people will notice me, not my missing hair!

Ahmed Ata 30 years old

In Turkey

“I had a hair transplant about a year ago. I am now very satisfied with the results I got as I wasn‘t expecting it to affect such a big change. Until now I haven‘t had any issues and I feel like it was worth the wait. “

Guner Uzun 40 years old

In Turkey

“I had this nice hair transplant done, now one year after the procedure I see the big difference before and after the operation. I'm thankful to Dr. Behruz and his team for their efforts. Now I feel like I'm ten years younger. “

Gregory Mamet 31 years old

In Turkey

Hey I wanted to share my hair transplant story and results six months after the procedure.

Lazar Rares 34 years old

In Ireland


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