World Class Medical Facilities

Our medical facilities are located in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey at Internationally recognised and JCI accredited, hospital. Equipped with the latest technologically, advanced equipment and prestigious treatment suites, complemented with friendly specially trained nursing and administrative staff.

JCI Accreditation

Be reassured that your hospital meets the highest International Standards and passes regular inspections for Medical Quality and Safety.

ISO 9001 Certificate Holders

European Quality Management System Certification, guaranteeing safety and quality of Health Care in the International Community.

International Recognition

Co-authorized by Surgical Review Corporation Community (SRC), which is a healthcare leader committed to advancing the Safety, Efficacy and Ef´Čüciency of Surgical Care Worldwide.

State- Of-The-Art Technology

The hospital is one of the world's new-generation of "Smart" hospitals, which uses an intelligent digital platform, green design and robotic technology.

Surgical Excellence

The hospital has been awarded the well-known Centre of Excellence Accreditation COE in 3 branches.

Prestigious Treatment Suites

A custom-made hospital, with the vibe of a tranquil luxury hotel.


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